Are we insured?

Yes. Waite Arboriculture and forestry are a fully insured company with 5 million pounds public liability.

Is there an eduction process for tree surgeons?

Eduction varies from university to night courses in arboriculture and silvicultural (forestry). The majority of the staff passing through the company have a national diploma in Arboriculture and silviculture. And those that haven't gain a lot of there experience off of the senior members and ex students.

What about licenses for chainsaws?

NPTC and Lantra are the governing bodies for forestry. We get qualified to use chainsaws early on in our careers as tree surgeon. Then further on sitting tests using chainsaws in a rope and harness. Machinery obviously makes a massive part of the job. So we also sit test for using chippers, stump grinders, cherry pickers and diggers.

Do i have to deal with the material?

When we come to quote the job waste handling will be discussed. The majority of the work we do we remove all the materials from site. But with log burners becoming more popular the logs often stay. All these factors effect the price so please don't hesitate to ask during the quotation process.

Are all oak trees protected?

Its a popular myth that all oak trees are protected. In fact any tree can be protected by law. The process used by councils to protect trees is called a tree preservation order. Before any work is carried out WAF check the trees for any orders. the fines can actually be really heavy so we regularly check. the other thing we must bear in mind is if the tree is in a conservation area. Again the same rules apply for applications. As far as what we can do if theres a T.P.O on the tree is next to nothing unless the tree is in such state that its a danger to the public. In which case it should be fully documented.